Folklore Hunter: Bloodfang Forest Map Guide & walkthrough

Folklore Hunter: Bloodfang Forest Map Guide & walkthrough. We know that the Bloodfang forest series come to us recently. One village of the occupants has gone missing of a small mountain. Now you have to find them and kill them. It is the recent update of Folklore Hunter. 

Folklore Hunter: Bloodfang Forest Map Guide & walkthrough:

So, here I am providing a map, and it’s needed if you are a Folklore Hunter player. For the Folklore Hunter player, this Bloodfang Forest Map has everything minus the pickaxe.

It hasn’t found that one yet. Ingame the vampire can make him invisible and spawn. I give advice for that- The vampire camping under the tower. When you were invisible, then you returned from exploring it and merc’d you also.

Bloodfang Forest Map

If you want to play this game then click this link: Folklore Hunter

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