How To Become A Demon; Project Slayers

There is a lot of options to make yourself a demon in project Slayers Game. Today’s article give you a complete guide that you can easily become a demon in the most popular Roblox Project Slayers Game. One of the quests unlocks when you reach level 15 wherein you can get yourself transformed into a Demon. In this guide, we have covered the best solution using which you can become a demon in Project Slayers.

You need to find and drink Muzan’s blood to become a demon. The points mentioned below cover all you should know about becoming a Demon in Project Slayers:
How To Become A Demon; Project Slayers

How to Become a Demon in Project Slayers

  • Reach level 15 so that you become eligible to interact with Muzan.
  • Muzan spawns only at night, that too on random locations.
  • You can easily find Muzan if you have purchased a Muzan Spawn Pass.
  • When you spot him, get close to him and interact. Muzan will give you two objectives against which he will offer you his blood after completion.
  • Those two missions include collecting five Blue Spider Lily flowers and bringing him Dr. Higoshima.
  • Blue Lily Spider flowers appear randomly on the map. They are not that difficult to find.
  • Dr. Higoshima’s location is in the village of Kiribating.
  • Use a Horse guy for a quick travel to Kiribating.
  • You will locate a small house over a small mountain on the outskirts.
  • Dr. Higoshima resides in that small house.
  • Get close to him and press H (default key for carrying) to carry him.
  • Bring Dr. Higoshima to Muzan before dawn because Muzan only appears at night.
  • After completing these two objectives, Muzan will give you a dose of his blood.
  • Drink the blood by selecting it from the inventory.
  • A small transformation cut-scene begins following which your character gets transformed into a Demon.

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