How To Sell Demon Horns: Project Slayers

Today I share some interesting things about the project Slayer game. Here I uploaded how can you sell Demon Horns. Check our guide to know how to sell Demon Horns in Project Slayers easily.

How to Sell Demon Horns in Project Slayers

Tony is the only NPC who does not deal in Wen. Here’s how you can sell the Demon Horn to him:

  1. Enter the play mode and open the map.
  2. Mark the Ushumaru Village.
  3. Find the horse guy and travel to the Ushumaru Village quickly.
  4. It’s a bit easier to find Tony when you’re closer to Grandpa Wagon’s cart.
  5. Find Tony and stand near him.
  6. Interact with Tony to initiate a conversation with him.
  7. Finish the conversation.
  8. Purchase the claws by selling him 250 Demon Horns.
  9. The claws can only be purchased if you are a Demon.

How to Get Demon Horns

Demon Horns are obtained by killing Demons. Killing one Demon gives one Horn. Another way of getting a Demon Horn is by defeating a boss. Defeating a boss gives a chest that has a rare chance of getting you a Demon Horn. The Zapiwara cave in the Kiribating Village has the most number of demons on the entire map. Let’s get Demon Horns.

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