Lost Epic Cooking Recipes

Epic cooking isn’t just about making elaborate and fancy meals – it’s about using simple ingredients in unique ways to create something truly special. Whether it’s a recipe for an iconic dish from a bygone era or a new creation that you’ve never tried before, lost epic cooking recipes are a must-read for anyone who loves food.

Whether you’re a novice cook or an experienced chef, these recipes are sure to inspire you to experiment with new ingredients and techniques. So saddle up your culinary saddlebags and prepare to explore new depths of flavor.

Lost Epic Cooking Recipes – Common

Each dish with its ingredients, benefits and boosts:

  • Grilled Fish recipe: Fish x1 (Restores 40% HP)
  • Fish Steak recipe: Fish x1 + Medicinal Herbs x1 (+50% HP & + ATK Boost)
  • Baked Mushroom recipe: Fungi x1 (+50% HP & + MAG Boost)
  • Chopped Salad recipe: Algae x2 +Medicinal Herbs x2 (+50% HP & + DEX Boost)
  • Steamed Fish recipe: Fish x1 + Fungi x1 (+50% HP & + ATK & DEF Boost)
  • Spicy Stew recipe: Fish x1 + Drone Beetle Carcass x1 (+50% HP & + Resistance to Lightning & Paralisis)
  • Fish Soup recipe: Fish x1 + Algae x1 (+50% HP & + Resistance to Elemental status effects)
  • Fresh Salad recipe: Fruits x1 + Medicinal Herbs x1 (+50% HP & + resets divine skill cooldown)
  • Golden Mushroom Soup recipe: Golden Mushroom x1 (+50% HP & + heals status effects)
  • Home Cooking recipe: Fruits x1 + Meat x1 + Featherbug Remains x1 (+50% HP & +Stamina recovery boost)
  • Jerky recipe: Chunk of Muscle x1 (+50% HP & + ATK Boost)
  • Wobbling Jelly recipe: Jiggling Chunk of Flesh x1 (+50% HP & + MAG Boost)
  • Offal Stew recipe: Throbbing Organ x1 + Heart Dripping with Blood x1 (+50% HP & + MAG, DEF, DEX, LUC Boost)
  • Strange dish recipe: fail any cooking attempts (+5% HP)
  • Mulligan Stew recipe: Attempt to cook something that is not a recipe (+20% HP)

Not Yet Craftable

These recipes will be available soon, but for now if you try them you will only get Fresh Salad

  • Chunky Stew recipe: Fish x1 + Fungi x1 + Fruits x1 + Medicinal Herbs x1 (+100% HP)
  • Green Soup recipe: Poison Herbs x1 + Medicinal Herbs x1 (+50% HP & + Resistance to Fire & Burning)
  • Detox Salad recipe: Poison Herbs x1 + Medicinal Herbs x1 + Fruits x1 (+50% HP & + heals status effects)

Lost Epic Cooking Recipes – Hardest

All these recipes require you to invest in improving your cooking skills, they are very difficult

  • Red soup recipe: Fruits x1 (+50% HP & + Resistance to Ice and freezing)
  • Mushroom Soup recipe: Fish x1 + Fungi x1 + Medicinal Herbs x1 (+50% HP & + Resistance to darkness and instant death)

Require Quick Cook Skill

Impossible to cook until you’ve invested into the cooking skill Quick Cook

  • Shark Tail Fin Steak recipe: Great Albino Shark x1 (+50% HP & + ATK, MAG, DEF, DEX, LUC Boost)

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