Merge Dragons Secret Levels Guide: How To Find All Secret Levels?

How to find the Merge Dragons secret levels?

Merge Dragons is a mobile puzzle game developed by Gram Games. The game involves merging objects to create new items and completing various levels and challenges.

Merge Dragons has 319 levels and secret levels are part of them. The secret levels are not timed. 30 of these are challenge levels, which you probably know about, while 240 are the main levels of the game. We found Their are 37 Secret Levels in Merge Dragons.

Did you know that Merge Dragons had hidden levels? These were all the hidden levels in Merge Dragons. Check This Out.

Merge Dragons Secret level 1: the Crescent

  • Level number: 27 ;
  • Cost : 1 Trophy ;
  • Goal : Create a restored statue of Gaia x2 ;
  • Secondary objectives : possess a surplus of grass tufts, collect a Silver coin and merge 5 destroyed Gaia statues into one;
  • Rewards possible: fruit tree seed, grass dragon egg.

Secret Level 2: The Secret of Four

  • Level number: 44 ;
  • Cost : 1 Trophy ;
  • Objective: to create a large statue of Gaia;
  • Secondary objectives: merge 5 spotted mushrooms in one go, merge 5 triple mushrooms in one go, create 3 baby dragons;
  • Rewards possible: young fruit tree, sharp dragon egg.

Merge Dragons Secret Levels

Secret Level 3: The Secret Veldt Alley

  • Level number : 71 ;
  • Cost: 2 Trophies ;
  • Objective: to create a restored statue of Gaia;
  • Secondary objectives: merge 5 grass dragon eggs at once, hatch 5 dragons, create 7 dragons;
  • Rewards possible: pretty treasure chest, ordinary treasure chest, spotted dragon egg.

Merge Dragons Secret Level 4: The Lair of the Healer

  • Level number : 83
  • Cost: 1 Trophy ;
  • Objective : to create two strong care goddesses x2 ;
  • Secondary objectives: summon a dragon, merge 3 healing statues, create a level 2 x2 healing statue;
  • Rewards possible: tuft of grass, spotted dragon egg, moss covered stone.

Secret Level 5: The Summit Pool

  • Level number: 90 ;
  • Cost : 1 Trophy ;
  • Objective: to create a restored statue of Gaia;
  • Secondary objectives : reach 5,000 points (beginner), reach 8,000 points (advanced), reach 10,000 points (expert);
  • Rewards possible: dragon tree shoot, grass dragon egg, Drake’s crest.

Secret Level 6: The Secret Islands

  • Level number: 106 ;
  • Cost: 1 Trophy ;
  • Objective: to create a restored statue of Gaia;
  • Secondary objectives: none;
  • Rewards possible: young fruit tree, grass dragon egg, shrub shoot.

Merge Dragons Secret Level 7: The Secret Garden

  • Level number: 110 ;
  • Cost: 1 Trophy ;
  • Objective : to create a tree of life shoot;
  • Secondary objectives: merge 5 Tanzanian plains grasses at once, merge 5 flowers of life x2 at once, have 3 giant flowers of life;
  • Rewards possible: flower of life, dragon golem egg, drake’s crest.

Secret Level 8: The Totemic Grid

  • Level number : 121 ;
  • Cost: 1 Trophy ;
  • Goal : Create restored statues of Gaia x2;
  • Secondary objectives : reach 35,000 points (beginner), reach 50,000 points (advanced), reach 80,000 points (expert);
  • Rewards possible: rain puddle, green dragon egg, lawn grass.

Merge Dragons secret level 9: The Healer

  • Level number: 126 ;
  • Cost : 1 Trophy ;
  • Objective : to create a large statue of Gaia;
  • Secondary objectives: reach 1,000 points (beginner), reach 2,000 points (advanced), reach 3,000 points (expert);
  • Rewards possible: potting soil, sharp dragon egg, dragon tree leaf.

Secret Level 10: The Great Fjord

  • Level number: 136 ;
  • Cost: 1 Trophy ;
  • Objective : to create a restored statue of Gaia;
  • Secondary objectives: create prism flower buds x2, harvest dragons on prism flowers x15, destroy a Swamp Zomblin ;
  • Rewards possible: nice treasure chest, sharp dragon egg, Drake’s crest.


List of Secret Levels

Note: Not all Secret Levels give Stars on Goal completions. Some of them give Coins instead.

#Level NameChalice CostBountiful ChestGoal Rewards
1The Secret of Four1BronzeCoins
2The Crescent1BronzeDangerous Riches
3The Secret Veldt Alley2SilverStars
4The Secret Healer’s Den1BronzeStars
5Summit Basin1SilverStars
6The Secret Isles1Silverno Goals
7The Secret Garden1BronzeCoins
8Totem Grid1GoldenStars
9The Healer1GoldenStars
10Great Fjord1GoldenStars
11Grimshire ???1BronzeStars
12Maywood ???4GoldenStars
13Craven Crypt ?2SilverStars
14Craven Crypt ??2BronzeStars
15Sea Breeze ?7GoldenStars
16Glacier Falls ?3SilverStars
17Glacier Falls ??4GoldenStars
18Glacier Falls ????2BronzeStars
19Glacier Falls ???2SilverStars
20Nocturne Oasis ?2GoldenStars
21Nocturne Oasis ??2BronzeStars
22Golden Meadow ?4SilverStars
23Golden Meadow ??2BronzeStars
24Spell Shore ?3BronzeMartian Dragon Eggs
25Spell Shore ??3GoldenStars
26Spell Shore ???3SilverStars
27Zeal Land ?3SilverStars
28Drake’s Ascent ?3BronzeStars
29Drake’s Ascent ??4BronzeStars
30Crystal Isles ?3SilverStars
31Bloom ?4BronzeStars
32Empyrean Trials ?3BronzeStars
33Empyrean Trials ??3BronzeStars
34Mirror Pond ?2BronzeStars
35Mirror Pond ??3BronzeStars
36Drakeholm ?2BronzeStars
37Drakeholm ??3BronzeStars

List of 30 Secret Levels in Merge Dragons

Secret NameLocation DescriptionLevel
Outskirts 5Tap on a golden chest near level 5.5
The Secret of FourTap on a four-leaf clover near level 8.8
Totem GridTap on a totem pole near level 15.15
The HealerTap on a pink flower near level 21.21
Secret The CrescentTap on a crescent-shaped pond near level 27.27
Secret The Golden MeadowTap on a golden mushroom near level 28.28
Secret The IslesTap on a blue flower near level 35.35
Secret Fountain GrottoTap on a fountain statue near level 39.39
Secret Totem ShireTap on a totem statue near level 46.46
Secret Veldt FallsTap on a waterfall rock near level 50.50
Grimshire ???Tap on an orange flower with purple dots near Grimshire Level 2.2
Spell Shore ??Tap on an orange flower with blue dots near Spell Shore Level 2.2
Shroomia ???Tap on an orange flower with green dots near Shroomia Level 2.2
Skull Grove ???Tap on an orange flower with red dots near Skull Grove Level 2.2
Zomblin Falls ???Tap on an orange flower with yellow dots near Zomblin Falls Level 2.2
Secret The JesterTap on a jester hat next to Challenge Level #9.
Secret FjordTap on an ice block next to Fjord Level #6.
Secret Dread MarshTap on a skull next to Dread Marsh Level #3.
Secret Totem Shire IITap on another totem statue next to Totem Shire II Level #1.
Secret Kala’s DenUnlock Kala’s daily trade and tap her den (requires internet connection).
Secret The Healer’s DenTap on a purple flower near level 65.65
Secret The Ancient ForestTap on a green mushroom near level 70.70
Secret The Autumn TreesTap on an orange tree near level 75.75
Secret The Sapphire PlainsTap on a blue gemstone near level 80.80
Secret The Frozen SwampTap on a frozen pond near level 85.85
Secret The Cursed LandTap on a dark cloud next to Cursed Land Level #1.
Secret ShambalaUnlock Zen Dragon Egg Chests and tap one of them.
Secret UtopiaUnlock Moon Dragon Egg Chests and tap one of them.
Secret AtlantisUnlock Mystery Nest (Sapphire) and tap it.
Secret Craven CryptUnlock Mystery Nest (Ruby Fire) and tap it.



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