One Punch Man World Tier List [2024] – Best Characters Ranking

One Punch Man: World Meta Tier List – Secure the Best Start & This comprehensive Tier List reveals the best picks for launch!

Our One Punch Man World tier list ranks all obtainable characters in the 3D action game from best to worst! If you’re a fan of One Punch Man and love to geek out over video game rankings, this blog post is for you.

I’ll dive into One Punch Man World Tier List, where I rank all the characters and their abilities in the game. From S-Class heroes to monsters and villains, I’ll break down who’s on top and at the bottom.

One Punch Man: World Meta Tier List:

After entering this highly-anticipated game, you must follow Saitama’s direction and defeat other familiar bosses like Subterranean King, Mosquito Girl, and Beast King. You will get to explore a new world where, along with completing quests, you will also face many challenges.

Tier Explain:

  • Tier SSS: SP [Super Power]
  • Tier SS: EX [Excellent]
  • Tier S: OP [Overpowered]
  • Tier A: Best [Strong]
  • Tier B: Good [Not very strong, but not weak either]
  • Tier C: Average
  • Tier D: Weak

One Punch Man has numerous characters, but not all possess the same power, ability and stats. Since they are divided by their power and rarity, most players don’t know which to choose or avoid in the game.

One Punch Man World Tier List

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  • Codes: One Punch Man World Codes
  • Last Update- Jan 31st, 2024

I don’t rank characters randomly. Whenever I create a tier list and rank any game characters, I choose their characters and play to test their power and abilities, and I did the same with this game.

Note: I watched Saitama all seasons.

One Punch Man World: SS—Tier Heroes (EX Characters)

  • Cyborg of Justice Genos — Tier SS
  • Saitama (Dreamworld) — Tier SS
  • Speed-O’-Sound Sonic — Tier SS
  • Speed-O’-Sound Sonic (Prisoner) — Tier SS

One Punch Man World: S—Tier Heroes (OP Characters)

  • Genos (Arms Mode) — Tier S
  • Zombieman — Tier S
  • Atomic Samurai — Tier S
  • Puri-Puri Prisoner — Tier S

One Punch Man World: A—Tier Heroes (Best Characters)

  • Silverfang — Tier A
  • King — Tier A
  • Saitama (Job Hunting) — Tier A
  • Genos (Default) — Tier A

One Punch Man World: B—Tier Heroes (Good Characters)

  • Lightning Max — Tier B
  • Golden Ball — Tier B
  • Mumen Rider — Tier B

One Punch Man World: C—Tier Heroes (Average Characters)

  • Triple-Staff Lily — Tier C
  • Stinger — Tier C
  • Iairon — Tier C

One Punch Man World: D—Tier Heroes (Average Characters)

  • Smile Man — Tier D
  • Spring Mustachio — Tier D

One Punch Man World Meta Tier List 2024:

S-tierCyborg of Justice Genos
Saitama (Dreamworld)
Speed-O’-Sound Sonic
Speed-O’-Sound Sonic (Prisoner)
A-tierGenos (Arms Mode)
Atomic Samurai
Puri-Puri Prisoner
B-tierSaitama (Job Hunting)
Genos (Default)
Lightning Max
Golden Ball
Mumen Rider
Triple-Staff Lily
D-tierSmile Man
Spring Mustachio

 About One Punch Man World Game

One Punch Man World is an extremely aesthetic open-world game. In this game, you will see many popular anime and manga characters whom you choose to move forward in the game journey.

One Punch Man World is a faithful retelling of the original franchise. With flashy 3D graphics, explosive combat, and lots of familiar faces to meet, it’s perfect for those who love the anime and manga series.

Collect your favourite characters from One Punch Man (including villains!) and battle against deadly monsters. If you want a more relaxing experience after a long day, you can easily explore the in-game world, filled with quests, interactive buildings, and more.

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