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World’s Best Popular Programming Language! Which ones programming languages use on world popular websites? How can you learn those? What is the world’s popular programming language?

Best Popular Programming Language

They all have questions in mind that world popular websites use which language to make a website. So, today we will know which languages use on the world’s popular websites. We will know as well as the top 5 most popular programming languages. And the latest learning guide will be:

Facebook guide:

  • Front End: JavaScript
  • Back End: Hack, PHP (HHVM), Python, C++, Java, Erlang, D, XHP, Haskell
  • Database: Vitess, Bigtable, Maria DB


  • Front End: JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Back End: C, C++, Go, Java, Python
  • Database: Bigtable, MariaDB


  • Front End: JavaScript
  • Back End: Java, JavaScript, Scala
  • Database: Voldemort


  • Front End: JavaScript
  • Back End: C++, Java, Scala, Ruby
  • Database: MySQL


  • Front End: JavaScript
  • Back End: Python (Django), Erlang
  • Database: MySQL, Redis


  • Front End: JavaScript
  • Back End: C, C++, Python, Java, Go
  • Database: Vitess, BigTable, MariaDB


  • Front End: JavaScript
  • Back End: Java, C++, Perl
  • Database: PostgreSQL, RDS, RDS Aurora

Looking at the list above, I hope you understand one of the most popular programming languages in the world for FRONT END. If you want to make yourself a FRONT END  developer, then you will take some of my advice. Of course, to learn JavaScript, using JavaScript you can not only FRONT END but also BACK END and even develop apps.

If you want to learn JavaScript-free, then you can follow the following websites below:

Channels you can follow to learn JavaScript:

If you roughly learn JavaScript.So, you can do projects from these websites:

Now maybe many questions in mind that what are the world’s most popular programming languages?

Before answering this question, let me tell you something. “If you understand a programming language well, you can understand the rest. Funny things are you know? World popular social media WhatsApp used ERLANG language. I don’t think you have heard ERLANG before I say this, So, Think if you understand the structure, you can do anything with using any language. First of all, You have to generate ideas. 

Learn more about ERLANG:

So, let’s know about the most popular language in the world:

01: PYTHON :

PYTHON one of the most popular language in the world. PYTHON is basically popular for machine learning. With PYTHON you can do pretty much everything. 



JAVA used to be popular for making android apps, but now KOTLIN takes this place, as android studios have recently published that KOTLIN is their official language.

To learning KOTLIN:


JAVA is the oldest and most popular language in the world. This year  JAVA celebrated its 24th anniversary. With JAVA, you can make android software specially. Now many banks around the world use Java.



I have said many things about JAVASCRIPT above. I hope you can learn JAVASCRIPT from the links above. JAVASCRIPT is all in one language. For example, use JAVASCRIPT NODE.JS, you can do the work of BACKEND. And by use REACT NATIVE, you can make apps.


GO– a programming language made by google, Now GO is popular. So, you can learn GO to make your future bright.

To learning GO:

Also, according to the project, CC ++TYPESCRIPTRUBYSWIFT are all used. However, SWIFT is mainly used by Apple developers. IF you want to know about Apple apps and system, So, you can learn SWIFT.


I hope the links with the information will be helpful to all. Happy programming journey.



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