Roblox: How to get Sabrina Sword of Healing?

Roblox: How to get Sabrina Sword of Healing? Recently Roblox launched three legendary swords for RB Battles 2. You will Sabrina’s Sword of Healing sword found in the game Piggy, which you do not doubt.

Sabrina Sword of Healing

Cause it is one of the most popular games in Roblox. You have to work through different parts of the game to get the purple sword for your character! First, all of you need a VIP free server right now in piggy. If you have in your game friends, they also get this sword easily. The Link: Piggy.

Roblox: How to get Sabrina Sword of Healing?

  • Select Traitor Mode.
  • Go to Chapter 1: Book 2.
  • Now go to the exact area that you has three number and you can set plus and minus both buttons.
  • Then enter the number 722.
  • Now go to the restaurant where you begin on the map.
  • Here look at a chair at the front of the restaurant, which will eventually have a purple button appear on it. Now press the button.
  • Next, go to the laundromat to find a different purple button and click it.
  • Now, go to the number you entered and look for a large column in the room. There will be purple buttons on the back, press this button!
  • Then, find the monster and let him destroy you.

Roblox Sabrina Sword of Healing

Now, select Infection mode and go to Chapter 2.

  • You mustn’t end up as Piggy, or you need to start over again! Cause You can place anyone as Piggy, if you are in control of the server.
  • Find the medicine which can generate in the green area and take it.
  • Once you have that medicine then, go to the shop and click on all of the shelves until the potion gets placed.
  • Now, go to the parking garage area and find the bear which is behind a pillar.
  • Then, go back to the store and click around the shelves again until the bear places.
  • Next, go to the GorillAirways store and look below the chair for the game console.
  • You need to take the console back into the store
  •  Now click around on the ends of the shelves until it sets.
  • Grab the light blue, green, and purple keys to complete the level.
  • Go back to the GorillAirways shop and into the storage area.
  • You will see a broken wooden gate shape at the back of the place. If you have all three of the keys or buttons, this wooden gate will open and you can grab the sword!

After all this information you will get Sabrina Sword of Healing.

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