(SOS) State of Survival Code Generator 2023- Update Gift Codes

State of Survival Code Generator is the perfect tool for coders who need to generate secure and valid code quickly. Whether you’re a new developer or an experienced coder, this tool will help you create code that is both secure and valid. It’s easy to use, and you won’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to create secure and robust code. Simply enter the parameters that you need, and the State of Survival Code Generator will take care of the rest.

Today I am talking right now about the Updated State of Survival Code Generator To Redeem Premium items. If you want to get new and premium resources, speed-ups, Biocap, and much more useful items totally free, then you what to do? For this reason, I provide the best Collection of op working State Of Survival gift Codes. State Of Survival game developed by KingsGroup Holdings.

State of Survival Code Generator:

The State of Survival Code generator is a free online tool that can be used to generate codes for the State of Survival game. The code generator allows you to choose from various options, such as the difficulty level and the number of lives.

Once you have selected your settings, the code generator will automatically create a code that satisfies those requirements. You can then print out or save your code so that you will have it handy when you need it.

There is an alarming increase in the number of global cyberattacks, with more than 60 percent targeting enterprises this year. So what can businesses do to protect themselves from these attacks?

One effective strategy is to use the State of Survival code generator. This tool provides companies with a secure set of instructions that they can follow in the event of a cyberattack.

  • Behemothsos1 – Redeem this code to get free in-game resources (NEW!)
  • break1 – Redeem this code to get free in-game resources
  • wegothedistance – Redeem this code to get free in-game resources


Last update: 12 January, 2023
New codes added!
Some codes expired!

State Of Survival latest codes:

Here Are some codes are working right now. And so many codes are already expired. So redeem state of survival promo codes Quickly before it’s expired.

Active State of Survival Codes:

  • reservoirleague1119 : Big Bad Cop on November 19th, 2022
  • Dessert1118 : Big Bad Cop on November 18th, 2022
  • OFFICIALOFFER : Türkiye/FATİH KOL on November 16th, 2022
  • SOS1234 : Bob/FATİH KOL on September 20th, 2022


PCHALLOWEEN In-game Premium Items
1028GLHF In-game Premium Items
SOSXPOCKETGAMER In-game Premium Items
sos1234 In-game Premium Items
GorillaLoveRedeem this code to get free in-game resources (New players only)
kuchentvsosRedeem this code to get Biocaps + RSS (New players only)
SOSNikoRedeem this code to get in-game rewards (New players only)
darylsosRedeem this code to get in-game rewards (New players only)

State Of Survival Codes Today- Gift Codes

This is a zombie game. You need to kill all zombies and finish your mission. SO redeem these codes and get more power to finish your enemy so easily. Use these codes to increase your ability to survival against zombies, and to help bolster your camp with better defense.

Latest Codes for State of Survival:

kuchentvsosRedeem this code to get Biocaps + RSS (for new players)
SOSNikoRedeem this code to get in-game rewards (for new players)
darylsosRedeem this code to get in-game rewards (for new players)

Working State of Survival Codes

Here’s a look at a list of all the currently available codes.

  • ForeverTrident—Redeem for 500 Biocap, 1 Advanced Search Map, a 1 hour Speed Boost, 1k Metal, 1k Wood, and 1k Food (New)
  • sos1234—Redeem for Biocap x500, Epic Search Map x1, Rusty Fragments x5, 1k Gas x100, 1K Metal x100, 1K Food x300, and 1k Wood x300. (New Players Only)
  • ilovesos1—Redeem for Biocap x500, 100K Supply Crate x2, and 1h Construction Speedup x2.

State of Survival Codes (Expired)

These codes are no longer available and cannot be redeemed!

  • Luck777good666 – (new!)
  • Happy2022ny – (new!)
  • comingsoon2022s (NEW) – KR Code, all you need to do is change the language and redeem it
  • happychristmas2021s (NEW) – also KR Code, all you need to do is change the language and redeem it
  • bestxmasgift (NEW)
  • Merikuri2022 (NEW)
  • Xmaswish4u (NEW)
  • TokyoTower1223 (NEW)
  • Xword1221 (NEW)
  • Phx369Thechampions (NEW)
  • Bietheskaxsos
  • Tell1216
  • Antarctic1214 
  • kujira1209 
  • Snowfalling 
  • Kobeko1207 
  • SOS100Mdownloads
  • sos999 
  • 2s2o2sanni 
  • sos119 – 500 Biocaps, 2 Epic Search Map, 1 Hero Fragment, 1x 10K Supply Crate, 20x 5m Construction Speedup
  • FrameHQskins – 200 Biocaps, 100x 1k Food, 100x 1k Wood, 4x 5M Speedup
  • CherokeeRose – 300 Biocaps, 2 Advanced Search Map, 50x 1k Food, 50x 1k Wood, 5x 5M Speedup
  • LongLiveDaryl – 200 Biocaps, 1 Advanced Search Map, 1000x 1k Food, 1000x 1k Wood
  • Welcome2021 – 300 Biocaps, 1 Advanced Search Map, 1000x 1k Food, 1000x 1k Wood
  • sos1234 – Biocaps + RSS (Rewards available only for new players)
  • kuchentvsos – Biocaps + RSS (Rewards available only for new players)
  • flyhighmeriamxirhaa 
  • SOSNiko (Rewards available only for new players)
  • darylsos (Rewards available only for new players)
  • gtvmediasos—Redeem for rewards (New Players Only.)
  • sos1234—Redeem for rewards (New Players Only.)
  • kuchentvsos—Redeem for rewards (New Players Only.)
  • sos6666—Redeem for x5 100 Biocaps, x2 Epic Search Map, x1 10K Supply Crate, and x15 5M Speedup.
  • SFA773217A67: x1 Epic Hero Badge, x 1 Elite Hero Fragment, x2 1K Gas, x2 1K Metal, x2 1K Food, x2 1K Wood, x2 5m Training Speedup, and x2 Combat Manual I
  • SD406B202C12: 50 Biocaps, x1 Epic Hero Badge, x1 Epic Hero Fragment, x1 Advanced Search Map, x5 1K Gas, x5 1K Metal, x5 1K Food, x5 1K Wood, x4 5m Training Speedup, x4 5m Construction Speedup, and x4 5m Research Speedup
  • S13A9A1D3804: 50 Biocaps, x1 Advanced Search Map, x3 1K Gas, x3 1K Metal, x3 1K Food, x3 1K Wood, x3 5, Training Speedup, and x3 5m Research Speedup.
  • ilovechocolate2021: x500 Biocaps, x100 10K Food, and x100 10K Wood
  • solidvideosos: x1000 Biocap, x5 Epix Hero Fragment, x2 Advanced Search Map, x300 1K Food, x300 1K Wood, and x6 5m Speedup (New Players Only)
  • leaguechampions
  • sos999: 1K Biocap x1, Epic Search Map x2, 200 Chief EXP x100, Rusty (Fragments( x10, 1K Metal x300, 1K Food x300 and 1K Wood x300. (New Players Only)
  • sos1234: Biocap x500, Epic Search Map x1, Rusty (Fragment) x5, 1k Gas x 100, 1K Metal x100, 1K Food x300, and 1k Wood x 300. (New Players Only)
  • NIKOSOS: x300 Biocap, x1 Advanced Search Map, x100 1K Food, and x100 1K Wood (New)
  • SOSpring; Epic Search Map x1 and Biocap x500
  • HAEMATOM – 1K Biocaps x2, Epic Hero Fragment x10, 200 Chief EXP x100, Rusty (Fragment) x10, 1K Metal x300, 1K Food x300, and 1k Wood x 300, and Fire Fury HQ Skin (1 Day) (only for new players)
  • Countdown – Biocap x300, and 5m Speedup x10
  • Samsung – 1K Biocaps x2, Epic Search Map x2, Rusty (Fragment) x10, 100 Chief EXP, and Fire Fury HQ Skin (1 Day)

How-to Redeem State of Survival Codes:

First, you need to click your profile. When you’re in this new menu, then looking for the settings option at the bottom of the page. Now Tap on that and then click the Gift Redemption option. Now Copy one of the codes from our article list and paste it into the box, and then click the redeem button. Now You need to go into the game mail or vault area to collect the reward!

State of survival walking dead codes:

State of survival walking dead codes are already given in this article, You can check regularly. Cause Our team update all the SOS walking dead codes in this article regularly.

State Of Survival Promo Codes Reward List:

State of survival promo codes gives So many premium rewards. The most demandable item is Biocaps in this State of survival game. Every gamer needs this. You can also get some reward like Speed Ups, Search Maps, Epic Search Map, Advanced Search Maps, Rusty (Fragment), Chief EXP, Food, Metal, Gas, Wood, Training Speedup, Research Speedup, Fire Fury HQ Skin, Construction Speedup, Epic Hero Badge, Elite Hero Fragment Etc.

State of Survival Codes Reddit

There is a growing trend on Reddit called “State of Survival Codes Reddit” This involves posting codes that can help people in difficult situations.

Some of the codes include calling 911, finding an emergency shelter, and getting medical help. Many people find these codes helpful when they are in a tough situation, and they encourage others to share them with anyone who needs them.

This trend seems to be growing rapidly, and there is evidence that it may be serving as a lifesaver for some people. So far, the State of Survival Codes Reddit has received over 2 million pageviews. If you’re ever in a situation where you don’t know what to do or where to turn, using one of these codes might just be the answer you need.

State of Survival Reddit Page: Click Here

State of Survival Gift Codes Discord

State of Survival is a new multiplayer game that pits players against each other in an epic battle for survival. To join the fight, head over to our Discord and sign up for a code! Once you have registered, you can enter the code into the main menu to unlock all of the features available on our server.

State of Survival Discord Page: Click Here

How to obtain and activate the codes?

The codes can be obtained by following the official pages and social networks of State of Survival. We can’t tell you the exact frequency, but check back regularly. There’s nothing better than following the official pages, but if you’re not on these networks or don’t feel like checking them regularly, we’ve listed the main gift codes (see a bit further down in the article).

State of Survival Social Account link

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