UBOAT Cheats 2024, C onsole Commands & Game Guide

UBOAT Cheats, Console Commands & Game Guide. UBOAT is a simulator game of a submarine from the WWII era. It is a survival sandbox game. UBOAT game story- It crew executives mechanics while its main theme is the life of German sailors. In this game, this boat is your home. It could turn into their grave at any time.

When your ship sails through the open sea, you will often find yourself on your own. Use your management skills to make the best use of the resources you take for travel, and in special cases recover your companions on the sea. You can try to recover them at sea by looting the wreckages of enemy ships.

UBOAT Cheats, Console Commands & Game Guide

To open the console press “~”. Very important enter console commands with big latter, console commands are case sensitive.

UBOAT Cheats – Console Commands

  • Bomb- drop a bomb on a selected target.
  • Break- break the selected ship.
  • Budget X- add 10k money (default)
  • Compensate- Not tested
  • Damage X- deal x Damage to selected target
  • Detect X- add a specified count of nearby contacts to the detection list.
  • Dock X- dock you x = name of the port
  • EntityInfo X Gives all entity parameters x= name of the entity
  • Escape- run away
  • Infect- infect a random crew member.
  • Leak- create a random leak
  • Mission X- Start Mission X x= number of the mission
  • Promote- promote

UBOAT Cheats & Console Commands:

  • Reputation X Gives X reputation x= number
  • Scenario X- Start scenario X x= name of the scenario
  • Skip X- skip X days x= number
  • Spawn X- spawn an enemy in front of you x= name of the enemy (Warships, Convoy, Transport, Submarine)
  • StartTask X- Start task X x= name of the task
  • Task X Affected on mission status x= name of the task
  • Teleport X Y- teleport to coordinates XY, x= latitude, y= longitude
  • Torpedo X- launch a torpedo on selected target x= name of the torpedo
  • Trauma- set discipline to ‘0’.
  • Travel X Y We don’t recommend you to use this command, but if you want, x= Engines Power, y= Turn
  • Weather X- change the game weather, x= weather id (Fog, Calm, Cloudy, Storm)
  • Wound X- damage X sailor moon, x= name
  • XP X– give X Xp to the specified character, x= number.

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