American Truck Simulator – Guide Colorado DLC (without Utah or New Mexico)

Today I provide here American Truck Simulator – Guide Colorado DLC (without Utah or New Mexico). I bought American Truck Simulator cause only Colorado came out. Anyway, I did not spawn there. I have a move like a fool of California (a stupid move). I still wanted to go to Colorado, so I looked around and found a way out.

Colorado DLC Getting There

  1. First of all, you have your truck. If you have not, then you need to take a loan and buy a truck. (So, I took out a loan and purchased one truck).
  2. Then, work your way to Kenyatta, Arizona. It is the key to entering this game. (Remember, you can only make a few bucks another way, that’s why I suggest this one) 
  3. Now, drive past Kenyatta and take the next possible left. You will have to go around a barrier.
  4. Then, turn right into Bluff, Utah. When you see a barrier over a road on your left, push F7 and then call for help. 
  5. The nearest service is actually in Durango, Colorado, and it will TP you there.
  6. Don’t go with a trailer! You will not be able to get back to AZ without quick traveling to your garage. 
  7. That’s it! Investigate Colorado DLC!

Play This Game on Steam: American Truck Simulator on Steam

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