Top 10 Legend Mobile Players Of Free Fire In World

Top 10 Legend Mobile Players Of Free Fire In World. Free Fire is one of the most downloaded mobile battle game. Here I am describing the best top 10 legend player details.

Top 10 Legend Mobile Players Of Free Fire

  1. Jack FF.
  2. Nubru.
  3. Ali YT.
  4. M8N/ مستقعدين.
  5. GamingwithNayeem.
  6. MR JAY.
  7. Rai Star.
  8. Apelapato.
  9. IMAD GAN.
  10. Lorem.

Now we talk about their gameplay. These ten players are the world’s best legend mobile players of free fire.

Nubru is the best player of Free Fire worldwide. So many websites told that SULTAN PROSLO is the best player of free fire. Actually, they do not play the game a single time. The Brazilian player Nubru And his team is the most stronger team in Free Fire game. SULTAN PROSLO just wastes his diamond in his account. He is a rich kid and he famous on youtube for giveaway bagara bagara.

If You want to know the World best free fire player then Click this link:

World Best Free Fire Player (Best Fastest Players) Click Here

Best Mobile Players of Free Fire

  1. Jack FF:

Jack FF is the top player on this list. If you saw his gameplay video, he is one of the most fasted players on the earth. He is one of the best Free Fire mobile players out there and is in the top 1% of the world.

He is a part of the BNL, Vincenzo, and Slybus squad. People often compare him to Ali YT, who is another excellent Free Fire player and his close friend. Whatever the game mode be, Solo, Duo, or Squad, Jack FF shines bright in all of them.

Jack FF Youtube Channel link: Jack FF

2. Vincenzo:

Vincenzo, who also hails from the Mena server, is arguably the fastest player in Free Fire. We saw him play free fire on an emulator, but he also plays on mobile as an emulator. Most people even think that Vincenzo is a hacker. Cause of his incredible speed. You cannot even identify when he will subtly kill you from a range.

Vincenzo Youtube Channel link: Vincenzo

Legend Mobile Players Of Free Fire

3. Mr ALI-YT:

Mr ALI-YT is a famous name in Free Fire. ALI-YT is best in close combats and has decent speed. ALI-YT is a strategic player who plays to kill and ultimately win. ALI-YT also uploads videos of himself playing Free Fire on his YouTube channel, IMAD GUN. In a squad, he takes 30 kills in a single match.

Mr ALI-YT Youtube Channel link: Mr ALI-YT

4. M8N/ مستقعدين:

M8N/ مستقعدين is another legend player from Mena server. M8N’s main point is winning the game with more killing his enemies. M8N Free Fire ID code is 608823917. He always wears a blue criminal bundle.

M8N Youtube Channel link: M8N

5. GamingwithNayeem:

Nayeem Alam is my favorite legend free fire mobile player from Bangladesh. His channel name is GamingwithNayeem. Many website informers told, he is an Indian player.

But the truth is he is a Bangladeshi legend player of free fire. Nayeem Alam Free Fire id code is 206923045. He plays on the OnePlus 7 Pro for Free Fire. He is one of the best players in the tournament. In every tournament, Nayeem Alam’s squad place top 1/2.

Nayeem Alam Youtube Channel link: GamingwithNayeem

Top 10 Mobile Players Of Free Fire

6. MR JAY:

I first saw him in gameplay with the Rai star 1vs1 challenge(Host: GSK verified). He unbelievably faster than Rai star. And he wins this challenge, and Rai star lost. That’s why I place him up on rai star in this list.

I think he is the fasted mobile player on the Indian server. If you want to see the challenge video, then comment on the box below. I will give you this match youtube link with a reply.

MR JAY Youtube Channel link: MR JAY

7. Rai Star:

Rai star is the most popular player on the Indian server. Everyone talks about his gameplay, his movement speed. But he shines Indian server only for Gyan. Raistar’s Free Fire ID number is 12022250.

Rai star Youtube Channel link: Rai Star

Top Legend Mobile Players Of Free Fire

8. Apelapato:

Apelapato is a legend player of one tap shot. He is a nice guy with a beautiful bodybuilder person. His account was not similar to others. if you check his account, you will see he take only 1 badge every month. That means he can’t buy the elite pass and not collecting any badge. Apelapato Free Fire id code is 62875162.

Apelapato Youtube Channel link: Apelapato 


IMAD GAN is a friend of ALI-YT. He also the best player of Free Fire. most of the time he plays with ALI YT. He is a silent player like Bangladeshi Mit Hasan.

IMAD GAN Youtube Channel link: IMAD GAN

10. Lorem Free Fire – Ezequiel Busson:

Lorem is AWM god in Free fire. Every legend player respects him for his AWM gameplay. So many Free Fire streamer dead when he streaming youtube. He is so fast than others to shoot with AWM.

Lorem Youtube Channel link: Lorem Free Fire – Ezequiel Busson

So guys Next time We update this article Legend Mobile Players of free fire and give you more authentic information. For more information check below.

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